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We think of our process as part diligence, part clairvoyance. A marriage of the tangible and the spiritual.

Like any relationship, it begins with a handshake. But that’s where the expected ends. Our process is a fluid one that adapts as we discuss, discover, explore and express what the research and strategic thinking uncovers. That shifts the more we hear, and intuit, from you. That answers both the questions you asked and those you didn’t, and sparks solutions you may never have considered. We think of it as going beyond content, to context. Giving your brand not just a look and feel, but a “think.” A point of view. A path forward.  


the critical first meeting,
learning how we best work together


give-and-take discussion of in-depth
diagnostic questions and initial beliefs


intensive research—no stone unturned
—comparing reality to assumptions


hypotheses on client opportunity
and possible unknown challenges


a panoramic view of the truth
of the brand and its possibilities


the big reveal—concepts that present
a point of view and a path forward


creation of look, feel and expression
for the brand or project


completion—and a jumping-off
point for evaluation and next steps