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Get real with your skin. @relumins_official 


Science + Nature + Art = MESO

The vision & approach to MESO was guided by the equation above. These three things were elemental to creating MESO. 

While not always equal parts, they are always kept in mind while creating the brand.
A lot of time and teamwork go into planning and pulling off a winning photoshoot.✨ 

In fact, one of the key components is a strong team that can work together seamlessly 💪🏽 

Thanks to our partners and clients!!!

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Photoshoots are our happy place 📸 

Shot for @jakettny 
Shot by @markandrewphoto
Behind the scenes on shoot day for Jakett New York. Stay tuned for some special content coming your way ✨
A month is definitely not enough to commemorate all the contributions of black people to the world and humanity. Still, it serves as a reminder to pause for a moment and recall our shared history. Today together, we strive for greater equality, emphasize the importance of human rights and empower black history-makers to make known their own stories 💜

“I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history.” — Morgan Freeman

Photo taken on June 2, 2020 ; Foley Square, Manhattan. Photographer: Mark Peterson, New York Magazine. @markpetersonpixs